The $100,000 Dog

7 thoughts on “The $100,000 Dog”

  1. Another excellent post! I was recently accepted to GDB to get my very first guide dog, and will be attending the training in October. I have been hard at work studying the class lecture material in advance, but I found this post on how the dogs are trained before the handler works with them very informative and interesting. I am a bit nervous about the training with so much to learn, but also very excited to work with a guide dog.

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    1. I’m so thrilled you enjoyed it huge congratulations on being excepted! That’s so exciting. One of my very favourite instructors is teaching a class in October. Are you going to California or Oregon? You’re going to have a wonderful time, I’m sure you will be super prepared!


  2. Wow! Impressive my darling! Wonderful pictures and accurate information! I thank you and your colleges for such a marvellous and informative post! Well done.

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