Puppy Petting

5 thoughts on “Puppy Petting”

  1. An excellent post, I could tell you some very scary stories of Phyllie after she was bonded with the kids! I totally agree; safety must come first! Love, Mom.

    “They have dignity and worth simply because they are children. No other reason is needed.” – Barbara Coloroso

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  2. I made this mistake with Tony as well, and while it didn’t get quite that out of hand (Tony? Move faster than a leisurely stroll?), it did grow awkward when I asked him to target a chair and he’d find one with someone in it and dump his head in their lap like, ‘What? Found the chair. Dude, you never said it had to be empty.’

    I know it’ll be difficult at times to take such a firm stance, but I know why you do it and I’m so proud of you. I’ll need to follow in your footsteps in this if I ever get mine.

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