What Blind People Dream About

What do blind people dream about? Do they dream at all? Do their dreams have color? Is their vision the same as when they’re awake? I’m so excited to be doing a post on a direct question from a follower. Emma contacted me a few days ago and asked to know more about what it’s … Continue reading What Blind People Dream About

Blind Girl Snapshots

When someone says my outfit is too revealing, is it really? Or are they just more conservative than I am? When I hold out my hand to shake someone else’s, and all I encounter is empty air. Are they ignoring my hand, or did they simply not see it? When randoms give me compliments. Are … Continue reading Blind Girl Snapshots

Puppy Petting

“I know I shouldn’t pet her, but she looked so cute I couldn’t resist.” “He looks just like my dog who passed away last year. I’m sorry I probably shouldn’t be petting him, right?” No friend, you definitely should not. Guide dogs have important jobs to do. When anyone, friend, family, or stranger, interacts with … Continue reading Puppy Petting

Social Inclusion

As a #blind woman, I am used to being overlooked or ignored by sighties. It’s an annoying truth that comes hand in hand with having a #disability. Some people don’t know how to talk to me. Others are uncomfortable that I can’t make eye contact. Some immature twenty-something’s probably still feel being different makes me … Continue reading Social Inclusion