Blind Girl Snapshots

When someone says my outfit is too revealing, is it really? Or are they just more conservative than I am? When I hold out my hand to shake someone else’s, and all I encounter is empty air. Are they ignoring my hand, or did they simply not see it? When randoms give me compliments. Are … Continue reading Blind Girl Snapshots

Puppy Petting

“I know I shouldn’t pet her, but she looked so cute I couldn’t resist.” “He looks just like my dog who passed away last year. I’m sorry I probably shouldn’t be petting him, right?” No friend, you definitely should not. Guide dogs have important jobs to do. When anyone, friend, family, or stranger, interacts with … Continue reading Puppy Petting

Social Inclusion

As a #blind woman, I am used to being overlooked or ignored by sighties. It’s an annoying truth that comes hand in hand with having a #disability. Some people don’t know how to talk to me. Others are uncomfortable that I can’t make eye contact. Some immature twenty-something’s probably still feel being different makes me … Continue reading Social Inclusion